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ONA / Compagnie Linga

  • ONA / Companie Linga / fot. Greg Weigelt
  • ONA / Companie Linga / fot. Greg Weigelt
  • ONA / Companie Linga / fot. Greg Weigelt
  • ONA / Companie Linga / fot. Greg Weigelt

choreography: Katarzyna Gdaniec, Marco Cantalupo

performance: Margot Couturier, Ai Koyama, Dorota Łęcka, Coralie Merle, Raquel Miro, Clara Villalba, Cindy Villemin

assistant: Michalis Theophanous

light: German Schwab

music: Nils Frahm, Dawn of Midi, Jeremy Barnes &Heather Trost, Kocani Orkestar, Paul Wirkus edited by: François Planson

scenography:  Luc-Etienne Gersbach

costumes: Geneviève Mathier

coproduction: Compagnie Linga, L’Octogone Théâtre de Pully

premiere: 18.03.2016

60 min.


10 – Solo Dance Contest, performances for children
15 – pupils, seniors
25 zł – polish performances
35 zł – foreign performances




Perfect dance of art

Isabel Hempen / Schweiz am Sonntag


For this new piece, Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo are setting up a woman’s world that is shapely, creative, hectic and controlled. Through the vitality, the humour, and the inventiveness (…) personalities are being transcended, magnified, and embodied within a group that is powerful, imaginative, political, poetical or utopic.

Powerful, because driven by a spot-on choreography that merges all performers into a single body, yet endlessly reproduced…

Imaginative, since the performers transcend the codes of genre identity, alternating between extreme femininity and absolute masculinity. Mere stereotyping? No, for within these two extremes represented by two parts – black and white (…) lastly, poetical and utopic in the final scene, in which the performers – or rather their bodies, whether female or male – are bathed in a light that could be produced by them, soothed, pacified, beyond gender and singularity.

In a period where, in dance as elsewhere, the focus has been on uniqueness, individual performance and expression, it is quite an achievement for Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo to successfully meet this collective challenge.

Marianne Modak / Haute Ecole de Travail Social et de la Santé, Lausanne


Compagnie Linga will celebrate its 25th anniversary. In 1993, they were offered residency at Octogone Théâtre in Pully / Lausanne. Today, with over 40 productions, the Compagnie Linga has become an artistic entity whose talent is recognized internationally. Compagnie Linga is invited to the most important events of contemporary dance and is supported by City of Pully, City of Lausanne, Canton de Vaud and Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council.

Katarzyna Gdaniec was born in Gdansk, were she studied AT the National Ballet School in Gdansk, then at the Academy of Vaganova of St-Petersburg. She won Artistic Gymnastics European Junior Championships and 1st Prize at the Gdansk National Dance Competition and the Prix de Lausanne. In 1985, she entered Maurice Béjart Ballet du XXe Siècle and remained with the company as principal dancer until 1992. Katarzyna has been a choreographer since 1987. Since 1992 she has devoted herself entirely to choreography and founded, with Marco Cantalupo, Compagnie Linga.

Marco Cantalupo was born in Genova, Italy. He studied at the Scala Theatre Ballet School in Milan, and then graduated at the Hamburg Opera Ballet School. Several stays in the US gave him the opportunity to work with choreographer Daniel Ezralow. He danced with the Hamburg Opera, then as a soloist with the Staatstheather Gelsenkirchen, the National Ballet of Portugal, the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Stadttheater Bern and the Béjart Ballet Lausanne. He choreographed for a number of independent projects in Italy before founding Compagnie Linga with Katarzyna Gdaniec.