Klub Żak

11. Gdansk Dance Festival / Spring

  • Dzień / for. A. Staszczyk
  • Parasites / Sebastian Abarbanell / fot. Cesar Brodermann
  • Real Love / fot. BRATstudio Łukasz Brodowicz

13-14 April 2019

The April edition of the 11th Gdańsk Dance Festival is first and foremost the premiere of another artistic residence. In DAY we will see four dancers who will take us into a lively atmosphere of folk traditions. In contrast to life close to nature, modern human existence, as a form of absurd parasitism on nature, will be presented by Sebastian Abarbanell. His performance will be a continuation of the presentation of dancers whom we met thanks to the international Solo Dance Contest.
On Sunday, we will show the performance of the Zawirowania Dance Theater, which, in response to the Bromance presentation, which deals with the subject of male relationships and the role of the father, will touch the issue of motherhood. Anna Czajkowska writes about the performance: "Three dancers appear as three separate entities - individual and unique; different, but similar. Like mother and child, always united, understanding each other without words and close to each other. Women - united in the story of birth, love and passing away.“



G. 19.00

DZIEŃ / choreography and performance: Aleksandra Nowakowska, Nicol Wesołowska, Bartłomiej Mieszczak, Daniel Leżoń / artistic collaboration: Jean Guadin / within residency/premiere Gdański Festiwal Tańca 2019 / 50 minuts / PREMIERAe


G. 20.30

PARASITES / choreography and performance: Sebastian Abarbanell / special thanks to: César Brodermann and Leal Zielinska / 12 minuts




G. 19.00

REAL LOVE / Teatr Tańca Zawirowania / choreography: Daniel Abreu / performance: Ilona Gumowska, Elwira Piorun, Izabela Prokopek / lights: Witold Kaczkowski / premiere 24.06.2018 / 45 minuts