Klub ŻAK


spectacle and workshop for kids 0-5yo


dir.: Agnieszka Dziewa / perf.: Agnieszka Charkot, Piotr Soroka / mus.: Szymon Tomczyk / design: Adam Królikowski / coproduction  Dotknij Teatru Łódź 2018, realised thank to the city of  Łódź / premiere: 8.04.2018 / 60min.


20 zł / 15 zł - Karta Do Kultury* / 10 zł – students*, seniors
Discountse: 8 zł – Karta Dużej Rodziny* / 5 zł – Karta Tancerza*

* only after presenting discount card/ students pass (1 ticket for 1 pass/ card)

An adventurous story about discovering your body and unrestrained need for movement. Hands!? What are the hands for? Legs !? And even two legs! What can you do with them? What is hidden in the nose holes? The body becomes in this story a playground as well as a strange unexplored mechanism. A light dance-pantomime form in a friendly space, with original music - Ciao Ciało wan“t allow you to look away even for a moment.