Klub ŻAK

HER(T)Z / Teatr Znak

  • fot. Patryk Chenc
  • fot. Patryk Chenc

choreography, dance: Anna Zglenicka, Magdalena Kowala, Joanna Woźna, Natalia Murawska

music: collage

premiere: 16.06.2018, Teatr Znak

50 min


20 zł / 15 zł - Karta Do Kultury* / 10 zł – pupils*, students*, seniors / 8 zł – BIg Family Card* / 5 zł – Dancer Card*

* only with a valid card when purchasing the tickets (1 ticket for 1 card)

Dance Atelier of Theatre Znak is a young company that has been working together since 2016 at the Gdańsk Art School. It was created as a result of the struggle of creative dancers with different experience, with common aesthetics of the arrangement of dance and theater. The founder of the band and artistic director is Natalia Murawska. Anna Zglenicka, Magdalena Kowala, Joanna Woźna in a pathological way, in love with dance, tell about important matters.