Klub ŻAK

Motus Animi Continuus

alias Socks Opus 50

  • Agnieszka Noster
  • Małgorzata Matuszewska
  • Iwona Olszowska
  • Krzysztof Raczkowski
  • Jacek Krawczyk


Realised within 11. Gdansk Dance Festival

residency/premiere 45+ project


concept: Ewa Wycichowska  / perf.: Małgorzata Matuszewska, Agnieszka Noster, Iwona Olszowska, Jacek Krawczyk, Krzysztof Raczkowski / mus. Aldona Nawrocka / video: Daniel Stryjecki / residency/premiere 45+  / 45 min.


for audience 18+

20 zł / 15 zł - Karta Do Kultury* / 10 zł – students*, seniors

Discounts: 8 zł – Karta Dużej Rodziny* / 5 zł – Karta Tancerza*

* only after presenting discount card/ students pass (1 ticket for 1 pass/ card)

Małgorzata Matuszewska when it comes to dancing, is a man of the Renaissance; she is familiar with pantomime, butoh and jazz dance. Her heart belongs to the techniques of Spanish dance and as the only flamenco dancer in Poland, she took up propagation of ancient forms and classico espanol. She is the founder of the NTF Dance Theater, where she carries out her own projects. She continuesly improve her skills attending workshops and masterclasses with Eva Yerbabuena, Leszek Bzdyl, prof. Ewa Wycichowska and others. At Klub Żak, she worked on Infantka within residency/premiere project.


Agnieszka Noster is quite an experienced dancer. She was with the Silesian Dance Theater from the very beginning, taking part in the first premiere in 1992, and remained there for four years. Then she worked on the stage of the Grand Theater in Poznań, she was a soloist of the Szczecin Opera in the Castle, cooperated with the Gdańsk Dance Theater and many polish artists. She passed on her knowledge at numerous workshops within SDT and classes in the Academy of Music in Łódź. She is also an active photographer graduating from Poznań University of Arts.


Iwona Olszowska is a lively and energetic artist who gained knowledge in dance centers and universities in the USA and Canada. In 1987, she founded the Experimental Dance Studio. The experimental side of movement is still the basis of her creation: she works with structural improvisation, lecture performance and site specific. She shares her experience on numerous workshops and classes, including the Polish Dance Theater, the National Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow and the Music University in Warsaw. She was repeatedly awarded for her stage personality and consistent continuation of her own creative path.


Jacek Krawczyk is one of the most hardworking and modest artists of polish dance. Since 1998, after almost ten years in the legendary Wojciech Misiuro's Theatre of Expression, he co-creates the Sopot Dance Theater. He creates shows inspired by paintings, poetry and music, characteristic to its attention to the costumes and aesthetics of the work. His movement language deriving from tai-chi and martial arts is extremely precise and elegant. For his artistic creation, in March this year he was awarded the Gloria Artis medal.


Krzysztof Raczkowski began his dance career in 1980 at the Musical Theater in Szczecin, after three years joined the Polish Dance Theater and soon became a soloist. Then he moved to Berlin, where he worked with Johann Kresnik at the Choreographic Theater. Since 2004, he has been an independent dancer and choreographer who creates for operas, drama theaters, dance theaters and television, including the Grand Theater and Poznań's Polish Theatre.