Klub Żak

residency/premiere 2019

Gdański Festiwal Tańca

32 applications for the residency / premiere 2019 have been submitted. Two applications arrived past the deadline, and nine did not meet the formal requirements. These applications were not considered.

The committee composed of: Magdalena Renk-Grabowska - Żak Club Director, Agnieszka Fortenbach - theatre curator, Paulina Cichosz - theatre curator, and Maria Miotk - theatre curator, has made the choice as a result of the discussion. The criteria which the committee was guided primarily include the skills of dancers participating in a given project, their artistic achievements, participation in the performances of contemporary dance theaters, description of the submitted project and the course of the performance (transparency, clarity, conciseness, division into scenes). The scope of the current financial support as part of residential projects of the Żak Club has also been taken into account.

The following projects have been selected:


Innermen // Sarah Bleasdale, Nadine Freisleben and Angela Fegers

Residence 11-23.02.2019, coach: Eva Duda / premiere: 23.02.2019


Kolibeńka // Aleksandra Nowakowska, Bartłomiej Mieszczak, Nicol Wesołowska, Daniel Leżoń

Residence 1-13.04.2019, coach: Jean Gaudin / premiere: 13.04.2019


KaruzeJa // Sayaka Haruna-Kondracka, Marianna Młynarska, Agnieszka Wojchiechowska, Bartosz Kondracki, Roberto Tallarigo, Michał Zelent

Residence 6-19.05. 2019, coach: Patricia Apergi / premiere: 7.06.2019


Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for all the applications. We have red many interesting projects and the choice was really difficult. We hope that at least some of them will be successful.