12 GDF / Winter

Entrance / fot. K. Schubert

On February weekend of the 12th Gdańsk Dance Festival we will show three performances of artists we met thanks to the international Solo Dance Contest. Watching the work of soloists from previous years, the audience can observe directions and trends of European dance, as well as the personal development of artists. On the first day we will see three male duets. The first is the premiere of the residency with mentor Nimrod Freed from Israel. Maxime Freixas and Francesco Colaleo will be working on the spectacle inspired by the landscape of human being. After the premiere presentation, we will see Don’t, Kiss duo of Jernej Bizjak and Fabio Liberti, who in 2017 took second place in the Solo Dance Contest. The evening will be complemented by the Italian Compagnia Lost Movement - Samuele Arisci and Salvatore Sciancalepore. All performances are characterized by a light, even humorous form combined with technical precision and original choreographic solutions.
On Sunday, the Krakow Dance Theater will once again dance on the stage of Suwnicowa Hall. The Entrance is result of cooperation with the choreographer Ayrin Ersoz, whom the artists met at the residence at Klub Żak in 2017. "Dancers in strong, expressive and almost forceful, physically exhausting choreography show what people, who leave their homeland and seek shelter from war and persecution, must face," wrote Luiza Nowak after the premiere.





C’EST PAS GRAVE / cie MF / performance: Francesco Colaleo, Maxime Freixas / artistic cooperation: Nimrod Freed / within  residency/premiere project of Gdansk Dance Festival 2020 / 35 minutes / PREMIERE



O / Lost Movement Company / choreography: Nicolo Abbattista / performance: Samuele Arisci, Salvatore Sciancalepore / dramaturgy: Christian Consalvo / 15 minutes

DON’T, KISS / choreography: Fabio Liberti / performance: Jernej Bizjak, Fabio Liberti / mucis: Per Henrik Maaenpa / 15 minutes





THE ENTRANCE / Krakow Dance Theatre / choreography: Ayrin Ersoz / performance: Pamela Bosak, Magdalena Skowron, Paweł Łyskawa, Eryk Makohon, Mateusz Ulczok / video: Grzegorz Mart / music: Seirgiej Maingardt / 50 minutes