Klub ŻAK


Trójmiejski Kolektyw Twórczy


20 zł / 15 zł - metropolitan culture card* / 10 zł – students*, seniors / 8 zł – big family discount* / 5 zł – Dancers card*

* only after showing pass/card

choreography, performing: Magdalena Laudańska, Joanna Nadrowska, Barbara Pędzich, Grażyna Słaboń / music: Pan Mruk / video art: Łukasz Boros / 45min / premiere

The inspiration to create this work was Gyrotonic® movement method created by dancer Juliu Horvath. The artists have been practicing it for several years to improve their motor skills and to treat injuries. The spiral-wave nature of exercises can be found in every form of life: day - night, movement - stillness. Performance is an experiment of translating the principles guiding this method into an abstract dance.