innermen / no chão

fot. Paweł Wyszomirski

Gdansk Dance Festval – 23-24.02.2019

In February, the 11th Gdańsk Dance Festival, we will show four unique performances by artists whom we met thanks to the international competition Solo Dance Contest, which not only shows directions in European dance and promotes young artists, but above all combines and enhances creative fervour. Here’s who will dance for us: last year's winner - Leila Ka, who won the hearts of the Gdansk audience with extremely precise and endearing PODE SER; Dominik Więcek, several finalists, also audience awards, Federica Bottini, whose scenic development we could observe over several years, in a duet with Laura Guy; and this year's resident - Sarah Bleasdale, who made the audience laugh at SDC 2016.

The performances oscillate around the stereotype of masculinity, permissible behaviours. They ask about how much truth we show about ourselves, and how much we realize it. Each performance uses a different technique and means: from disguises and laughter in INNERMAN - the premiere residency spectacle, through the brilliant irony and emotions of BROMANCE, to the surprising, eye-catching choreographic layer UP STAY UP and NO CHÃO.




7.00 PM

INNERMEN / choreography and concept: Sarah Bleasdale / performance: Sarah Bleasdale, Nadine Freisleben, Angela Fegers / artistic cooperation: Eva Duda / as part of the project residency/premiere of the Gdansk Dance Festival 2019 / 50 minutes / PREMIERE

"Sarah Bleasdale from Belgium in her solo SMIRK shows analytical, minimalist, extremely disciplined movement. She starts in silence, standing leaning a little bit forward for a long time, intensely staring at the viewers. (...) The movement here is worked, artificial and reduced, full of repetitions of simple choreographies, usually with variations appearing." Wrote Mirosław Baran after the competition show in 2016.

During this years residency at Klub Żak, Sarah together with Nadine Freisleben and Angela Fegers will work on a new show under the supervision of Eva Duda - valued Hungarian choreographer and lecturer at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy.


9.00 PM

NO CHÃO / choreography: Leïla Ka / performance: Leila Ka, Alexandre Fandard / coproduction: L'étoile Du Nord (Paris) / Festival La Becquée (Brest) Iadu / La Villette (Paris) / Journées Danse Dense (Paris) / Le 783 (Nantes) / Micadanses (Paris) / Le Théâtre Scène Nationale (St-Nazaire) / 30 minutes / pre-release preview

Leila Ka is the winner of the Solo Dance Contest 2018. Mirosław Baran wrote after her performance: "The most interesting Monday performance was the last of the presentations - dynamic, consistent, perfectly constructed PODE SER (...) Through the collision of modern dance and hip-hop Ka talks about the need to adapt to standards and expectations, the clash of one's individuality and the requirements of the functioning of the community. The Frenchwoman impresses with dynamism, charisma, precision of movement. "Leila dances in a prestigious group Maguy Marin on a daily basis, and in February she will show her own duet with Alexandre Fandard.