Solo Dance Contest Reuslts

The proceedings of Jury of Solo Dance Contest 2019: Marie Kinsky, Magdalena Reiter, Guy Cools, Rodlpho Leoni and Peter Svenzon, took place from 10th till 14th June 2019 and it was decided as follows:

Jurors and winners fot. Jan Rusek


1. Daniel Morales for the solo Invisible for the first prize – 3000 Euro. A performance that is consistently developing a choreographic approach in relation to body and its memory, combining movement, musicality and a vibrant presence.

2. Marie Klemm for  One more drama for the second prize – 2000 Euro. Using strong performance abilities and playing with movement to generate situations that are sometimes illustrative, funny, absurd or abstract the artist takes the audience with her.

3. Yotam Peled for Boys don’t cry for the third prize – 1000 Euro. For the combination of a highly developed physical language, adequately translate subject of the solo in  the body and for the mastery in execution.

And a special mention for Wiktoria Reszka as most promising performer.


For the Audience Award the public choose:  Yotam Peled