Solo Dance Contest

Antes Collado

Club ZAK hereby announces The SOLO DANCE CONTEST 2020 a contest for a short contemporary dance solo (contemporary dance / contemporary ballet).

The International SOLO DANCE CONTEST took place during the Gdansk Dance Festival on 2nd September 2020. The Contest is to support and promote contemporary dance.

The Verdict


The proceedings of Jury of Solo Dance Contest 2020: Susanna Beltrami, Arno Boehler and James Wilton took place form 7th till 26th August 2020 and it was decided as follows:


1. Clémence Juglet for the solo „I need to“ for the first prize – 
2.400,00 Euro. 

„I need to“ is a quirky and fast paced solo full of invention, 
musicality and humour. The body vocabulary of the performer
 is rich, precise and original. It does not need a stage with special 
light effects et cetera, it just uses a common living room with a 
dancer and some music to create a work of dynamic quality and 
super physicality. The playfulness, and subtle critique of the dance 
world, really shone through making it a joy to watch.   

2. Andrea Ward for „Tension of nature“ for the second prize – 
1.000,00 Euro. 

„Tension of Nature“ is a short but beautifully crafted solo that 
was both spacious and dynamically succinct. A real purity of 
intention shone through, with a strong movement clarity, 
fluidity and technicality. What makes this piece so special is the
 intensity one can witness in any single expression. As if the 
performer would fill the ex.tensionality of the space around 
her with a subtle form of life. Without the need of artificial
 means she is able to create a strong connection between 
her „inner energy“ (in.tentionality) and the quality of her 
movements, triggering a world of imaginations in the spectators. 

Ex aequo with: 

2. Mahalia Horvath for  „Shoes to lose“ for the second prize – 
1.000,00 Euro. 

A theatrical and imaginative work that took the audience on a 
fun journey. The work kept viewers guessing, and when it felt like 
the concept had been fully explored the choreographer again
 found a new way of exploring the idea, something which takes 
a lot of skill to do. „Shoes to lose“ picks up elements of dance, 
theatre and performance traditions in such a humorous and 
thoughtful manner that entertainment, in this special piece, 
becomes itself a critical mode of questioning, what one sees.

Antes Collado for „Nereo ahogándose“ for the third prize – 
600,00 Euro. 

“Nereo ahogándose (Nereo Drowing)” confronts us with a 
performer who’s body language is virtuous and in search of an 
almost sacrificial space, that seems to call him: „Do you know 
what a body can?“ What makes this performance special, is the 
exploration of a body re-search. A body, longing to express itself, 
searching, searching modes of expressions, at the limits of 
what a body can do.

For the Audience Award winner is: Magdalena Negowska
 for solo “Przekątna” with 1000 Euro.