18.10 / 8pm

Concept, Choreography: Roberto Tallarigo / performance: Sayaka Haruna-Kondracka, Milena Crameri, Gwenllian Davies, Gento Yoshimoto, Bartosz Kondracki, Giovanni Chavez Madrid / 30 minutes / premiere

The Space is another independent project of the dancers of the Ballet of the Baltic Opera. This time the idea and choreography belong to Roberto Tallarigo who appeared last year’s edition of GFT in the piece, titled „KaruzeJa”. In the current work the artists deal with the concept of the space in Kant’s understanding as a possibility of being together, as a place of relations and arrangements between the individuals. The piece deals with finding a moment when intrusion into the space and changing its arrangement causes a reaction and tries to answer the question if and how we feel responsible for the space we live in.