Sala suwnicowa Klubu Żak


Crakow Dance Theatre


concept and set design: Eryk Makohon
choreography: Eryk Makohon, Agnieszka Bednarz-Tyran, Yelyzaveta Tereshonok
performance: Agnieszka Bednarz-Tyran, Yelyzaveta Tereshonok
dramaturgy: Daria Kubisiak
music: Piotr Peszat
video: Grzesiek Mart
 lighting: Michał Wawrzyniak


First presentation in Gdańsk of the newest piece “Szekspirie” by  Krakow Dance Theatre. “Szekspirie” combines literery motifs with architectural and emancipatory ones. 

Ophelia’s complex, Lady Macbeth’s effect, Juliet’s tragedy. Shakespearean female characters are often attributed with madness and instability. The popularity of female madness extends far beyond Shakespeare’s work and becomes an experience eagerly analysed by subsequent authors. Through this performance, we try to imagine the context of the experience of the ‘mad’ female characters. Madness becomes a fascinating image, in which we also often seek emancipatory strategies. These protagonists often act alone. What if we made some displacements and, through that movement, they could meet in one space?

Agnieszka Bednarz-Tyran and Yelyzaveta Tereshonok through the movement create interpretations of mad thoughts of Lady Macbeth, Ophelia and Julia, discovering unknown parts of literary characters by the means of dance. The starting point in the creation of the performance was objects which, together with visuals and the bodies of the performers, build the architecture of the space: the stage space and the imaginary space. When thinking about Ophelia, Lady Macbeth and Juliet, are we able to identify the architecture of their rooms?

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